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Board Report - 20 February 2018

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board met today, Tuesday 20 February 2018.  

Board papers from this meeting are available here

Financial progress but challenge remains

Finance Director, Mark White, today presented a paper to the Board on our month nine financial position which forecast a deficit of between £15m and £20m at the year end.

However during the Board discussions on our 2017/18 financial forecast the Board expressed appreciation that the year-end position had been moderating month on month and that this was due to a huge amount of hard work right across all sectors of the business to identify savings schemes and efficiencies.

During the last quarter of the financial year the Finance Director detailed to the Board that work continues to identify additional savings schemes (both locally and nationally); to focus on delivering existing schemes and to identify additional sources of income.

The full report NHSGGC Revenue Report can be accessed here

Carers Act of huge importance to all staff and patients

Work is already underway to prepare our workforce for the implementation of the Carers Act in April 2018. Nurse Director Dr Margaret Mcguire informed the Board of the importance of this Act and described how a significant staff education and communication effort had been designed and was beginning to be implemented across NHSGGC.

The intention of the Act is to ensure that carers of any age are supported to continue with their caring role and are kept fully involved with the on-going care and/or discharge from hospital of those they are carers for.

National guidance to support the implementation of the Act is still being finalised but local training sessions are underway with more specific LeanrPro modules, educational video clips and road-show sessions planned.

The full paper Update of Preparation for the Carers Act can be accessed here

Annual Review recognition of excellent work

Cabinet Secretary Shona Robison has issued her Annual Review feedback letter to the Board in which she concludes: “I want to recognise that there is some excellent work going on in NHSGGC.”

She further comments that “we should recognise that the hard working and committed staff in NHSGGC have achieved a great deal for the benefit of local people in the last 12 months.” The Cabinet Secretary also writes that “building on relationships with your planning partners will be crucial in continuing to progress the local health and social care integration agenda”.

The full 2016/17 Annual Review letter can be accessed here

Endowment support for NHS 70th Anniversary

Chairman John Brown informed the Board today that NHSGGC’s Endowments Committee had approved the release of a fund to support local staff events to mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS. He said that staff would be able to apply for financial support to stage local events that would help promote the celebration of the NHS throughout 2018 and in particular in the run-up to the anniversary date of July 5th.  Key themes  being encouraged to support as part of the celebrations is modernisation of NHS care since 1948 and the huge opportunities for transformational change in the years ahead.  Support for organ donation, blood transfusion services and health and wellbeing are some of the outcomes the anniversary wishes to help promote.

Staff communications would be issued in the first week of March to promote applications for funding and outline how staff can celebrate locally within their professional teams or within their local communities.

The full Board papers including the Integrated Performance Report and the healthcare Associated Infection Reporting Template can be accessed here

NHSGGC news release

A recent NHSGGC news release details a new service for survivors of sexual violence.

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