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Dementia Shared Practice

Welcome to NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Dementia Shared Practice Website. The website will allow you to share your practice and/or access the innovations of others in dementia care. If you are involved in an innovative project or deliver care that improves the quality of life of people with dementia and/or their carers, submit today. There is good practice throughout Greater Glasgow & Clyde, but all too often no-one hears about it,  and others don't get the chance to learn from it to set up similar projects. Don't be shy. Tell us about it!

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The site also contains useful links and information that may assist your practice. The dementia HEAT target, Integrated Care Pathway and forthcoming Dementia Strategy to be launched in 2010 are some of the main drivers to improve care for people with dementia.

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It is estimated there are approximately 14,000 people with dementia throughout Greater Glasgow & Clyde. By 2031 it is projected that there will be a 75% increase. These figures underline the urgency to plan now for the future and campaign for additional resources. Alzheimer Scotland and the Scottish Dementia Working Group are two such campaigning organisations.

Dementia is 'everyone's business'. This website encourages joint working and learning between Health, Social Work and the Voluntary sector. 

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