Healthcare Professionals

This area of KIDS includes information about the services provided by Allied Health Professionals within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. As well as information for health professionals working with children/young people and families.

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Healthcare Professionals

This section has information for health professionals around service provision and best practice which you can use to refresh your knowledge and understanding of child development and childhood conditions, as well as learning more about how to support the children in your care.

Allied Health Professionals (AHPs)

There are a number of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) within Greater Glasgow and Clyde (GG&C):

  • The Community Paediatric Service sits within Specialist Community Paediatric Team (SCPT) and is a child-led provision with a focus on effective partnership working and an intergrated approach to meeting the needs of children and young people. Children and Young People are referred to Community Paediatrics services by a variety of sources across health, social work, education and families themselves. Referrals are received either on a uni-professional basis or within the context of a multi-professional team includes Paediatricians, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Specialist Health Visitors and others as required.
  • The Acute Service is based at the Royal Hospital for Children working in both ward and out-patient settings.
  • The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) work within the CAMHS structure based in community, acute and Tier 4 services.

Developmental Milestones by Pathways

Developmental milestones videos have been developed by  They have created a number of videos showing typical and atypical development for a child of 2 months, 4 months and 6 months.


Canchild is a non-profit research and education centre located in Canada. Their research is 'focussed on improving the lives of children with a variety of developmental conditions and their families over the lifecourse'. 

Canchild's multidisciplinary team includes researchers from paediatrics, rehabilitation medicine, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language pathology, kinesiology, social psychology, epidemiology and biostatistics.

The CanChild team have developed a range of resources which are relevant and useful worldwide.  Many of their resources are focused around participation and occupational performance, and there are some key resources for children young people and families of children with motor coordination disorders.  As the site is Canadian this does influence the content a little in terms of the activities chosen, but the principles are universal.   This is a vast website with a number of great resources, the easiest way to navigate around and find specific resources is via the menu list on the top right of the home page.