KIDS Sensory Workshop Video

NHS GG&C Sensory Workshop

Sensory Workshop Video

The aim of this workshop video is to support you in understanding your child’s sensory needs and the impact of the environment around them, and to feel more confident in helping them to participate in everyday tasks.

It provides you with a basic overview of how the sensory systems work, how difficulties with processing sensory information can effect a person’s life, and may be impacting on your child’s behaviour in different environments.  It is hoped that by the end of the workshop, you will have more understanding of why your child may be behaving in certain ways.  You may even have a few ideas of strategies to try to support your child to be more able and confident in their everyday lives; to help them make sense of the world.

Please don’t expect big changes overnight.  It can take several months for sensory strategies to have an effect.  Work on these strategies consistently for 3 months.  If you still need help or advice after this time please contact your local Occupational Therapy service.

Sensory Workshop Presentation

Here is the presentation that is discussed above for your information

Sensory equipment discussed in the video and presentation

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Sensory Questionnaires – Providing you with individualised advice and guidance about how to help support your child/your person to cope with everyday sensory experiences.

Sensory Boxes – Providing you with suggestions for ideas to keep in your sensory boxes that provide specific stimulus to each sensory system.

Falkirk Council Sensory Booklets - Falkirk Council (Children with Disabilities Team) have published a number of booklets providing lots of useful information and ideas for supporting your child's sensory behaviours:

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