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Information for Visitors

Our patients need to spend time with family, carers and friends. They also need to rest. Our staff need to manage clinical areas safely and effectively. We aim to balance these needs in our visiting policy.

Visiting Times

We are standardising visiting times to offer flexibility to visitors. This is in response to a survey of patients, their relatives and staff.

Our flexible visiting arrangements in most hospital wards are between: -

11.00am and 8.30pm Please note visitors do not need to stay for the full length of time.

For the single room/general ward areas in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital ONLY, visiting hours no longer apply. This provides open visiting until 9.00pm to create a quieter environment overnight. It allows visitors to return home at a reasonable hour. A flexible approach will be taken. Alternative arrangements can be made with the nurse in charge if appropriate.

Maternity and Children's wards will keep current visiting times for the time being.

Acute Medical and Surgical Receiving Units will not have open visiting arrangements. Families or friends might be present when a patient is admitted. They may be there at varying times across the day, maintaining contact at times of stress. If a patient’s condition is unstable or deteriorating families or friends will get support to stay with them.

Within these areas visiting times will be: -

Between 7.00pm and 8.00pm Monday to Sunday 

Intensive Care Units and High Dependency Units will not have open visiting times. These units advise visiting on an individual basis for their critically unwell patients. Please speak to staff about visiting arrangements in these areas.    

Full list of places where standard visiting times do not apply.

All visitors - if you need to travel far or make special arrangements to visit please confirm arrangements with the ward or hospital switchboard.

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Protected Meal Times

We try to make sure that patients are not disturbed while having their meals. We usually ask visitors to avoid these times. Please contact the ward / unit to find out when these times are before visiting. If you wish to help your relative / friend at meal times then please speak to a member of staff.

Infection Control

Infection control in hospitals is very important. We ask all patients, visitors and staff entering or leaving the ward to use hand hygiene gel. This is to help stop the spread of infection. Apply by squirting a little gel onto the hands, massaging it in like hand cream and allowing it to dry naturally. There are hand hygiene gel dispensers at the entrance and throughout the ward.

If you do not see any or are unsure please ask a member of staff.

Please do not sit on beds - use the chairs provided.

Number of Visitors per Patient

We only allow two visitors per patient at a time. If a patient has more than two visitors, we will ask them to wait outside the ward. Babies and children under 12 years should only visit at the discretion of parents and Nursing Staff. Please check with the ward beforehand. If allowed, children must be with an adult and supervised at all times. Staff may ask visitors to wait outside during treatments or examinations. Visitors do not need to stay for the full length of visiting time.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones can only be used in areas where it is safe to do so. These areas will have a sign to let you know that it is ok to use your mobile phone. You can also ask the ward staff where these are. Please show consideration to other patients when using your mobile phone. To protect all patients’ privacy, do not use camera phones to take photographs in any part of the hospital.

Zero Tolerance Policy

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has a zero tolerance policy of any kind of verbal or physical abuse. Staff may ask visitors to leave if their behaviour disrupts other patients or staff.

No Smoking

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has a Smokefree Policy.  

This means no smoking in any NHS building, entrance, doorway, grounds or car park.  If you have any questions please ask a member of staff. This also includes the use of electronic cigarettes or the use of vaporisers.

Further Information

If you have any questions please ask a member of staff.

Visiting Times exceptions - These wards and hospitals do not have standardised visiting times.

On each hospital page, you'll see a tab called "Wards", click this to see a list of wards, then click on the name or number of the ward you wish to visit for details, including visiting times.) 

(You can check most of these. First find the hospital you want to visit using this link.  Then click on the hospital name.


  • Maternity and Children's wards
  • Acute Medical and Surgical Receiving Units  - 19.00 to 20.00 Monday to Sunday 
  • Intensive Care Units and High Dependency Units - individual patient arrangements, please consult staff
  • Mental Health Areas


  • Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre
  • Dumbarton Joint Hospital
  • Dykebar Hospital
  • Eriskay House
  • Gartnavel Royal Hospital
  • Glasgow Dental Hospital and School
  • Golden Jubilee National Hospital
  • Leverndale Hospital
  • MacKinnon House
  • Mearnskirk House
  • Mother & Baby Mental Health Unit
  • Parkhead
  • Princess Royal Maternity
  • Ravenscraig Hospital
  • Rowanbank Clinic
  • Royal Alexandra Hospital Elderly Mental Health
  • Royal Hospital for Sick Children (Yorkhill)
  • Skye House
  • Southern General Adult Mental Health Unit
  • Stobhill Elderly Mental Health Unit

All visitors - if you need to travel far or make special arrangements to visit please confirm arrangements with the ward or hospital switchboard.


Are you looking after someone?

A carer is someone who looks after a partner, relative or friend who cannot manage without help because of illness, frailty or disability. They may or may not live together. If you would benefit from support in your caring role, local carers centres can help. They can provide you with help and support on a number of issues, including: access to respite, short breaks, information and advice on a wide range of topics, emotional support and access to carers support groups.

For more information on your local carers centre please contact the telephone number below or click into the Carers Information page / box below.

The Carers’ Information and Support Line by phoning 0141 353 6504.

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