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Information for Visitors

We know that involving families, carers, friends or loved ones can help our patients recovery and are welcome in our wards.  We want to involve families, carers, friends or loved ones in a way that respects our patients need for treatment and care as well as meeting the wishes and needs of our visitors.

When can I visit?

You can currently visit most of our wards anytime between 11.00am and 8.30pm. Within this, visiting times are flexible to suit the needs of our patients, their family, friends and carers. During these times, you can spend as much or as little time as you, and more importantly, the patient wants.

However, we are currently working to improve hospital visiting times across NHSGGC. This means that visiting times may vary across hospitals and wards. It is best to check the specific ward's visiting times by clicking on the individual hospital page or by calling the number for the ward directly.

We know that sometimes patients may want the support of someone close to them overnight. If this is the case, we can accommodate a member of family, partner or carer to stay overnight. Please speak to the nurse in charge.

How many people can visit?

We generally ask that there are no more than 2 visitors at a time at the bedside. This is to help make the environment as restful as possible for our patients. However, we know there are times when more than 2 people might need to visit. The nurse in charge will be happy to discuss this with you.

Children are welcome, however we do ask that they are supervised at all times.

When are meal times?

Approximate mealtimes are:

  • 7.30 – 8.30am for breakfast
  • 12.00 – 1.00pm for lunch 
  • 5.00 – 6.00pm for the evening meal 

Family, friends and carers can play an important role in encouraging patients with small appetites to eat a little bit more. It is important that you discuss with staff if you can help with mealtimes on wards.

Why are we sometimes asked to step outside during visiting?

Because we operate flexible visiting, there may be times when it is necessary for staff to see the patient when you are visiting, for example for wound dressings or personal hygiene. We may ask you to step outside when this is happening. We very much appreciate your support in doing so. 

Can I phone the ward to find out how a relative or friend is doing?

We know that family and friends may want to phone the ward for information about their relative or friend. We would ask however that where possible this is kept to a minimum and that only one relative or friend call who can then pass on information. Please note that there is a limit to what information staff can give over the telephone.

Can I use my mobile phone when visiting?

You can use mobile phones in areas where it is safe to do so. You can also ask the ward staff where these are. Please show consideration to other patients and visitors when using your mobile phone. Please do not use camera phones to film or take photographs in any part of the hospital. This is to respect the privacy and dignity of all patients and visitors.

Infection Control

Infection control in hospitals is very important. We ask all patients, visitors and staff entering or leaving the ward to use hand hygiene gel. This is to help stop the spread of infection. Apply by squirting a little gel onto the hands, massaging it in like hand cream and allowing it to dry naturally. There are hand hygiene gel dispensers at the entrance and throughout the ward.

If you do not see any or are unsure please ask a member of staff.

Please do not sit on beds - use the chairs provided.


Zero Tolerance Policy

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has a zero tolerance policy of any kind of verbal or physical abuse. Staff may ask visitors to leave if their behaviour disrupts other patients or staff.

No Smoking

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has a Smokefree Policy.  

This means no smoking in any NHS building, entrance, doorway, grounds or car park.  If you have any questions please ask a member of staff. This also includes the use of electronic cigarettes in hospital grounds, but not within buildings and not around main entrances, fire exits and any other doorways.

All visitors - if you need to travel far or make special arrangements to visit please confirm arrangements with the ward or hospital switchboard.


Are you looking after someone?

A carer is someone who looks after a partner, relative or friend who cannot manage without help because of illness, frailty or disability. They may or may not live together. If you would benefit from support in your caring role, local carers centres can help. They can provide you with help and support on a number of issues, including: access to respite, short breaks, information and advice on a wide range of topics, emotional support and access to carers support groups.

For more information on your local carers centre please contact the telephone number below or click into the Carers Information page / box below.

The Carers’ Information and Support Line by phoning 0141 353 6504.

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