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Making a Recommendation

There are 5 steps to support the Responsible Officer (RO) in making a revalidation recommendation:

  1. The Appraiser and Appraisee should ensure that the Form 4 is completed online using the SOAR system, which allows the RO to review/access the Form 4(s) when it comes to making a revalidation recommendation to the GMC;
  2. The Chiefs of Medicine (COMs) are advised by the Revalidation Team which doctors are due to revalidate within their Directorate/Sector in the coming month and are asked if they know of any reasons which may preclude a doctor from being revalidated.  For example, there may be ongoing HR processes, which need to be finalised before a recommendation can be made.  Another extenuating circumstance, which could prevent a recommendation being made, is if an individual has not completed an appraisal;
  3. The Deputy Responsible Officer quality reviews the Form 4s submitted to ensure that all the information required has been included, for example CPD, MSF/Patient Questionnaire.  If the Form 4 is incomplete the DRO will make contact with both the Appraisee and Appraiser to advise.  If the Form 4 needs to be edited, arrangements are made by the the Revalidation Team to have SOAR unlock the Form 4;
  4. The RO meets the Deputy Responsible Officer, Board Appraisal Lead and Revalidation Team on a monthly basis to review and sign off the Form 4s for those Appraisees who are due to revalidate in the proceeding month.  The RO will make one of three disposals: Recommendation to Revalidate; Deferral; or Non-Engagement.
  5. Further to the monthly meeting, the Revalidation Team notifies the GMC of the recommendations that have been made.  Once the GMC has received the RO recommendation they will make a decision about your recommendation and will write to let you know.


Last Updated: 28 March 2022