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Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.

Patient Feedback Exercise

To support revalidation, doctors are required to gather patient feedback.  Accordingly, it is asked that all doctors with patient contact attempt the patient feedback exercise at least once in every 5 year cycle.  Any exemptions must be discussed and agreed at the Board Wide Revalidation Group (BWRG) which is chaired by the RO.

The Board recommends the use of the NHSGGC Patient Feedback Questionnaire (a version of CARE) or one of two variations of this questionnaire for use by Radiologists and Child Health Specialists. NHS GGC patient questionnaires are also available in the following languages:- Arabic, Polish, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese and Urdu.  Doctors are welcome to use an alternative questionnaire as long as it meets GMC requirements and has the approval of the RO.

To manage the high volume of patient questionnaires, the Board has purchased an electronic scanner which has been specifically set up to read the NHSGGC Patient Feedback Questionnaire plus the two variations above. At this stage the Board is unable to process any other types of questionnaires.  If, therefore, a doctor chooses to use an alternative questionnaire they will be required to make their own administration arrangements.

We would recommend that, where possible, doctors aim to undertake the patient feedback exercise during the first 3 years of the revalidation cycle.  This is a precautionary measure in case it is necessary to repeat the exercise, perhaps due to low return rates, or the doctor in discussion with his/her Appraiser wishes to repeat the exercise.  The patient feedback exercise must be completed prior to the revalidation due date.

Doctors will be required to distribute 25 patient questionnaires across the whole of their practice and where possible should capture both inpatients and outpatients.  It is accepted that some questionnaires may not be returned.  The questionnaire should be distributed randomly and without influence from the doctor to patients who are competent and well enough to complete the proforma.  It is also possible for parents or carers to complete the questionnaire  instead of the patient.  

Please follow the guidance below to obtain your NHSGGC Patient Feedback Questionnaire:

  1. Request the patient questionnaire by e-mailing at least 2 weeks prior to when you wish to commence the exercise;
  2. Indicate in your e-mail if you wish the NHSGGC Patient Feedback questionnaire, the adapted Radiology or Child Health Care Questionnaire.  Please also advise if you require these questionnaires in any of following languages:- Arabic, Polish, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese and Urdu
  3. On receipt of your email, the Medical Staffing team will post out 25 patient questionnaires with instructions for distribution by a third party.  Please note that it is a GMC requirement that the patient questionnaire be distributed independently of the doctor, i.e. by a third party;
  4. Once the questionnaires have been returned, Medical Staffing will scan the completed returns and generate a summary report.  To obtain this report, please contact Medical Staffing by e-mailing at least 2 weeks prior to your appraisal meeting;
  5. We would recommend commencing the patient feedback exercise at least 2 months prior to your appraisal meeting, to allow time for the patient questionnaires to be distributed, completed and returned and report produced.

Please note: requests for the NHSGGC Patient Feedback Questionnaire must be made through medical staffing.  This enables the team to administer the process and produce the required summary reports.  The electronic scanner can only read the copies of the questionnaires issued by the Medical Staffing team, so please do not photocopy, scan or downloaded copies from another website.  

For any queries in relation to Patient Feedback Questionnaires please telephone 0141 201 0780

Last Updated: 07 May 2020