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Team Brief 2017

Team Brief is the monthly communication to all staff from the Chief Executive which is cascaded throughout the organisation to give local managers the opportunity to add to the core corporate messages and localise them. A feedback facility ensures that Team Brief addresses the issues raised by staff.

A full archive of Team Brief is available on StaffNet (you must be on the NHS network to access).

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Team Brief - August 2018

Flu vaccine - call for peer immunisers

This year we are aiming to maximise the flu vaccination uptake across NHSGGC.  To do this we need your help and are calling all peer immunisers to come forward and register to take part in this year's vaccination programme.

We need you to volunteer to join our team of immunisers to ensure that this year we vaccinate as many staff as possible.  Remember the flu vaccine is there to protect you, your family and most importantly our patients - so Don't Infect, Protect.

Registering to be a peer immuniser is really simple just email:  For more information call 0141 201 4473 or email or 

Small Change Matters - Idea of the Month

Congratulations to Ann from Renfrewshire HSCP for coming up with a great idea for our Small Change Matters initiative.

Ann, Health, Homelessness and Housing Lead, suggests we look carefully at the amount of confidential papers we send out to a commercial shredding company and consider some local shredding where appropriate.

This simple idea could result in a reduction in cost to NHSGGC and is now being looked at in detail by our procurement colleagues and the Financial Improvement Programme team.  Keep your ideas coming in simply click here

Cladding removal underway

Work is now underway to remove sections of cladding panels from the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Children. Great care has gone into the planning of this work to ensure inconvenience to patients and staff is kept to an absolute minimum.

Directional signage is now in place outside the hospitals to ensure everyone is clear about access routes during this work and I want to ask for your patience and understanding while this work is carried out.

Like you, I look forward to seeing all scaffolding and temporary fencing removed and our wonderful hospitals restored to the way they should look. It is anticipated that the cladding panels that need to be removed will be gone and replaced within six months.

New career & development planning framework.

I am delighted to announce the launch of a new Career & Development Planning Framework for all our staff in NHSGGC and Health & Social Care Partnerships.

This new Framework helps employees to address their development in a more focused way and has been developed in partnership with our Trade Unions and Professional Organisations.

I recognise that some people are eager to develop their career and move for promotion, I also equally recognise that many wish to remain and continue to develop in their current roles. Both these positions are supported and I encourage everyone to access the Career & Development Planning pages on HRConnect and review the support and materials available to them.

This will support people to have better PDP discussions and encourage more fulfilling and effective development. The Framework also helps people consider and plan for their longer term career with the organisation and connects to national programmes and materials available via Turas and Project Lift.

We hope that use of the Framework will lead to higher numbers of staff being ready to apply for internal vacancies. This is especially important where there are areas of skills shortage and ready candidates for key roles.


Jane Grant, Chief Executive