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Dental Charges

Patient charges for NHS dental treatment in Scotland are agreed and set by Government. Some items of treatment are not available under the terms of NHS dental services. Items such as white fillings or crowns in back teeth cannot be provided by the NHS.

Some patients may be exempt from charges. Patients under 18 or between 18 &19 and in full time education are automatically exempt from NHS charges. Patient receiving certain benefits may also be exempt. This depends on the specific benefit and would need to be confirmed by the patient prior to commencing treatment. Proof of exemption will be required by the dental practice.

NHS dental examinations are free to all patients. Every other NHS item of treatment provided has a different charge attached. There are over 400 different items available.

There is a maximum charge for NHS dental treatment. At the moment this is £384.

It is not possible to provide a list of exactly how much each filling , denture or crown will cost as this will depend on several factors related to that specific clinical situation such as, the material used, the size, where it is and the number of teeth involved. For example, treatment for gum conditions, which involves scaling, polishing and oral hygiene instruction, can range from £9.76 to £85.12. Fillings can range from £6.60-£25.60.

It is important that the dentist provides an itemised treatment plan which includes costs before you commence treatment. It is also important to note that this treatment may change during the course and therefore the cost might change as well.

Extensive courses of NHS treatment may need to be approved by Practitioner Services Division before the dentist is allowed to provide the treatment.

Dentists may provide treatment items privately as an alternative to NHS care. You must discuss this with the dentist providing the treatment. The practice should be able to provide information on any private treatment and the costs involved.